The Houck Boys are Here!

April 8, 2003

Samuel Charles Houck (?) -- actually, Janet and Russell haven't decided if he or his brother will be named Samuel.  He's five pounds one ounce

Here's the other contender for the name Samuel.  As the scale shows, he was born three pounds twelve ounces.  Since he's a bit smaller and hasn't been officially named -- we unofficially named him Mini-Me, but we suspect this will be changed later

Janet holding one of the kids in the Operating Room

Janet with one of the kids

Janet with her new boys in the Operating Room

The proud father -- he looks so relaxed!  He's joined by the "big" brother

His little brother

Russell spreading the news to family and friends.  The others in the waiting room thought he was one of the doctors

One of the boys (the "big" brother)` was feeding within ninety minutes.  He fed well and was obviously hungry -- he quickly took half an ounce

Big bro' getting burped after his feeding.  We weren't able to go into the NICU, so the photos are taken through a window with venetian blinds (hence the fuzzy image)