Sent:  January 28, 2006  8:37 PM
Jack and Cate Take to the Air
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Well, they don't literally take to the air this month, but this month's rather paltry selection of photographs seem to share an aeronautical theme.  Once again, we at Nelsongang are really, really embarrassed and upset about this month's update being so drab and awful.  We swear we'll do better next month.  Really.

For those of you who simply must suffer through this month's update, you can find a smattering of photographs (including the equally brief printer-friendly version), or you can sample a few family anecdotes conveniently arranged into bullet points:

  • After picking up Lisa's car from the mechanic, we pulled up next to her at a stoplight.  Cate shouted through the open window: "Mommy, I love you more than horses!"  Now that's saying somethin'
  • Cate helped me rake the entire back yard, hanging with me for more than an hour.  I didn't have that much voluntary patience with yard work until I was...  ever
  • When Ben Folds used some adult language, I changed the CD to one of the kids' all-time favorites:  Beck's Guero.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize I'd interrupted Cate's dance performance, because she informed me in no uncertain terms:  "I want to listen to pretty music, not cool music!"
  • Cate read her first book on New Years Day -- Baby Says.  Who knew eleven words could make a girl so proud
  • A week after her first serious yard work, Cate helped me rake the back yard again for nearly 90 minutes.  While I've often described the kids as "helping" (imagine quoting fingers wagging) with household chores, she truly helped today
  • Nearly a full month after Christmas, Cate decided it was time to sing the Twelve Days of Christmas, including "Two Turtle Dogs."  I discovered she is somewhat sensitive to gentle rewriting suggestions
  • Looking out the car window at the passing scenery, Jack asked:  "So just where is Heaven around here?"
  • At The Blue Goose, we discovered Jack is already a two-fisted drinker.  We were all chatting when we noticed Jack holding his milk cup in one hand and his water cup in the other, and he was simultaneously sucking on both straws.  When he realized we thought this was hysterical, he couldn't reproduce the feat without bursting out laughing
That's it for now!

Lisa and Greg