Sent: November 29, 2009 8:28 PM
Subject: Thanksgiving Road-Trip

It had been a couple of years since we spent Thanksgiving with the Finnanes, and they graciously invited us to their home this year. Lisa and the kids spent the entire week in Moraga while I worked until Wednesday in Dallas. We kept in constant contact, however, using the kids' newfound ability to text. For example:

    Me:  "You're having a lot of fun! Do I need to come to San Francisco to settle you down? :-)"
    Cate:  "No"

With all of them on vacation in San Francisco, I found myself talking to the dog a lot. Although Snick and I have never been closer, that's an entirely different story and I should probably move on. As always, you're welcome to peruse our monthly allotment of bullet points and photos, or you can subject yourself to the printer-friendly version fun -- pick your poison.

That's it for now!

Lisa and Greg

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